Sapa Vietnam Trekking Tours

Sapa Vietnam trekking tours is a collection of trekking hiking tours we offer in Sapa, northern Vietnam. Sapa trekking tours can be filtered by half-day trekking tour, one-day trekking tour, two-day trekking tour, three-day trekking tour, four-day trekking tour, five day trekking tour, six-day trekking tour and longer tours.

Sapa may well be called the #1 trekking place in Vietnam. It’s the place where a large number of tourists goes to from Hanoi for some trekking through the beautiful scenery of North Vietnam’s mountains. While the town itself is not without charm, most people are drawn to the landscape surrounding it – high mountains, numerous rice paddies, bamboo forests, wild rivers and of course the large number of ethnic minority people inhabiting this area. Most of them belong to the Hmong people, but Dzao and other minorities are found as well.

Sapa is quite high in the mountains – thus the climate is much cooler than in the lowlands. In winter, Sapa is one of the only places in Vietnam where it actually snows from time to time. Also, the weather can be quite unpredictable – a clear and warm day may well be followed by a foggy and damp day.

The following tours are some Sapa Vietnam trekking tours available now. These trekking hiking tours can also be customized further to respond to individual travel needs.

  • Trekking Sapa Than Uyen Mu Cang Chai Tu Le Muong Lo Yen Bai 7 days
  • Trekking Sapa villages Phong Tho Sin Ho Lai Chau North-Western Vietnam 9 days
  • Northern Vietnam Trekking Tour Hike Hanoi Tuyen Quang Ha Giang Bac Ha Sapa Lai Chau Dien Bien Phu
  • Trekking Hiking Sapa Vietnam Visit Hilltribe Villages Cat Cat Y Linh Ho Lao Chai Tavan Mong Sen Ta Phin
  • Trekking Sapa Vietnam with Homestay in Local Hilltribe villages
  • Vietnam sightseeing trekking vacations Visiting Mai Chau Sapa Bac Ha Hue Hoian Ho Chi Minh city
  • Trekking 10 days Hoa Binh – Sonla – Yen Bai – Lai chau – Sapa – Hanoi
  • Hike Sapa Vietnam 4 days – Sin Chai – Y Linh Ho – Ta Van – Giang Ta Chai – Su Pan
  • Sapa Vietnam hiking adventure tour 4 days – Catcat – Tavan – Seo My Ty – Ta Trung Ho
  • Sapa Vietnam Trekking Adventure Tour 4 days
  • Sapa Vietnam Hill tribe villages trek 4 days
  • Hoang Lien National Park 3 day trek
  • Sapa Vietnam Trekking Tour 3 days – Ban Ho – Thanh Phu – Sin Chai – Ben Den
  • Sapa hill tribe village trek 3 days – Ban Ho – Sin Chai – Nam Than – Thanh Phu
  • Muong Hoa Valley Trek 3 days – Sapa – Vietnam
  • Sapa hill tribe villages trekking 2 days – Ban Ho – Thanh Phu – Sin Chai
  • 2 day trek to Sapa hill tribe villages – Ban Ho – Thanh Phu – Sin Chai – Nam Toong
  • Sapa 2 day trek to visit Mong Sen – Ta Phin – Ma Tra villages